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We aspire to drive the change necessary to build a KINDER and INCLUSIVE tomorrow. Focused on individual potential while embracing diversity in order to succeed and grow in life and business.

We're a consultancy with a culture built on candor, truth and authenticity... which breeds collaboration and team work.  This is how we achieve the extraordinary.

What We Believe

We believe that it takes breakthrough steps to define the future.  That true leadership requires the courage to take responsibility for today and adapt for tomorrow.  And acknowledging that doing the right thing may not be the easy path... but is always the right one. 

What Is Important

We celebrate employees and clients who challenge themselves to be exceptional - and champion that spirit in others.  

Passion & Commitment

Equity & Inclusion

Honesty & Openness

Environmental Sustainability


Commitment to Change


Meet the ABIS & Company Team

Eric Rozencwaig

Founder & Managing Partner

Daniel Stinson


Katie Byram


Chris Wilson


Erika Seth Davies


Harry Spikes


Our History

Driven by Creativity and Passion for Change



Internet forces a change...

As consumers adopted commerce online, Financial Institutions shifted to "E-Statements."  ABIS developed the first E-Statement solution for Credit Unions.


Controlling our future...

Eric Rozencwaig acquires 100% of stock and drives business for expansion by adding data analytics, lead generation and offices in Chicago. 


Change = the only constant

2014 proves to be the year of the greatest challenge for owner, Eric Rozencwaig.  After tragically loosing his dear brother Jason, the companies Controller, Eric sold the data analytics and lead generation practices.  Left with only an Executive Consulting practice, the business was able to control it's pace, allowing the family to mourn and heal. 


ProSys was born...

In an effort to provide support to U.S. veterans returning home from military duty, ABIS incubated a service-disabled veteran owned small business, ABIS Solutions, LLC.  Providing back-office services to ABIS Solutions, including people, processes and technology, ABIS began developing custom and proprietary software applications to support ABIS Solutions' business functions.  


Back in the day...

American Business Information Systems was officially re-branded to ABIS.  Owned and managed by Eric Rozencwaig, ABIS was a leader in Financial Statement Processing for Large Financial Institutions and Credit Unions.


Innovating Direct Marketing

ABIS leads direct mail production innovation, producing more than 1 Million direct mail packages per year for the nations largest brands and non-profit organizations. 


Adapting to the market...

ABIS sells the entire direct marketing division, allowing the business to focus on growth oriented service offerings including data analytics, lead generation and consulting.


With an eye on the future...

When the phone rang from a childhood friend, Eric was eager to connect.  Brian Davidson, a successful executive in the Telecommunications industry said, "I have the entrepreneurial bug and want to build a business. I'd like to build it with you."  After many months of strategy discussions, Brian and Eric became business partners at ABIS.


Leveraging the new partnerships shared skills, the company shifted its focus to become a leading Consulting Firm and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company.


Life is full of opportunities...

Providing technology solutions to the nations largest companies has been thrilling.  However, for founder Eric Rozencwaig, a deeper purpose has been calling.  Following the teachings of his spiritual teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, living a life full of compassion to all, the business is ready to shift directions.  "Compassion is the ability to see yourself in others."  When we see ourselves in all beings, not only can we not hurt them, it is our duty to help those in need.

Today, ABIS is focused on making the business world KINDER and INCLUSIVE.

Can you improve your company's workplace diversity?


We are a passionate group committed to making a real impact for individuals, companies and our communities.  Contact us today for a 60-Minute Complimentary Consultation.   

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